Sequence is a ledger-as-a-service that enables organizations to securely track and transfer balances in a token format.

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Using Sequence organizations can securely manage their financial assets in a token format on private ledgers and, soon, seamlessly transfer them across public networks.

Powering innovative businesses


Sequence is used by companies building the future of finance and commerce in a wide range of applications.


A mobile wallet

Store & transact user balances

Sample code →


A crypto exchange

Securely custody customer funds

Sample code →


A Lending platform

Issue, service, and sell loans

Sample code →


A ride-sharing app

Manage consumer & driver balances

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A complete transactional backend in the cloud

Move fast and do more with Sequence

Free your team

Focus on shipping and scaling your product instead of building and maintaining ledger infrastructure

Innovation unleashed

Easily add new accounts, asset types, and even products, with no need re-code your ledger

Scale effortlessly

Architected for the enterprise, Sequence scales as your business does

Collaborate seamlessly

Share portions of your ledger with partners, reducing complexity and opening up new business possibilities

Verifiable integrity

Immutable, append-only cryptographic data model prevents tampering and corruption

Know your business

Get unmatched insights into your business with fine grain tracking and powerful analytics

Launch NFTs

Partner with Chain to launch your own custom branded NFT that lives on the blockchain with dynamic settings by Sequence

Technology trusted by market leaders

We have previously worked with market leaders around the world, as well as start-ups building novel financial products.

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